NCD care foundation is non-profit social organisation working for control and prevention of non-communicable diseases. Societies registration act 2001.The NGO have its Head office at Hyderabad. Ncd care foundation is working to prevent the diseases like Heart attack , Diabetes , chronic respiratory diseases , cancer etc. Noncommunicable diseases are very common now a days and we called it number one killers worldwide. These diseases are lifestyle diseases kills nearly 36 million people each year. Ncd’s are caused by unhealthy lifestyle by taking tobacco products ,unhealthy diet,alcoholic products. We can prevent ncd’s by avoiding tobacco products , doing physical activities and by taking healthy diet. A healthy lifestyle during childhood and youth can prevent the NCDs later in adulthood. Detection of NCDs at an early stage can prevent complications and premature death.

The organization is working for the prevention and control of Noncommunicable diseases includes Cardiovascular disease ,Diabetes, cancer and all NCD.

• We are also focusing on tobacco control, palliative care.

• NCD care foundation is registered under Societies registration act 2001 by Govt. of Telangana State ,India Accredited Non Profit, Social Secular, National NGO.

• NCD care foundation believes “Awareness is the agent of Change” that’s why organization is working at national level and organize free of cost mass awareness camps to control non-communicable diseases.

• We are following guidelines given as Govt. of India Program NPCDCS(national programme for prevention and control of cancers , Diabetes , CDV and Stroke)